Back to All Works Warung Limarasa/Brand Identity/Jan 2018

Warung or Warong are came from Indonesian – Melayu Languange that have meaning of small family-owned stall that sells basic necessities, in this instance, food & beverages. Over the years since old times, word of Warung itself has always been so friendly to society. And Limarasa itself came from Indonesian language that have meaning “Five Taste”, a pleasure that treat within human’s five sense.

This project is being run out of old historical building in Braga, that already been used for other culinary business over the years. From this year, the story of Warung Limarasa will begin. Through collaboration with emerging Architect Bureau, Asepdev, the old building has been transformed into a warm – homey warong that represent Indonesian Culture in the inside and carving the new history in Braga, Bandung about a place for us to enjoy meal and creating memories.
From the Bandung’s Particular Area, where Warung Limarasa located, it’s called Braga Street. Braga Street Area have always been the special place that tourist will come and wander around. It also close enough to Dago, Bandung Central Tourism Area, where anyone can easily come and visit by foot. This area also home to historical building & sites that have it’s own colours that represent Bandung. Designed to be a place to share, connect and nostalgic when enjoying the treat of food and beverages.