Back to All Works Batagor Hanimun/Packaging/Feb - Mar 2017

Since 2007, Hanimun started to make and sell batagor to consumers. For Hanimun, batagor is not just a food to satiate the stomach but also become a medium for disseminating the spirit of traditional culinary preservation typical bandung so as not to pass time.

When developing the logo for Batagor Hanimun we realised that culture acts in the intersection of the old and the new, the static and the flexible, the cultural aspects of people. Within these constraints Emblematic Symbol from Bandung itself that create inspiration for reimagine the logo which tell the stories of bandung and asian culture combines into something modern.

To tell the stories of Batagor Hanimun we choose to recreate how the logogram works on the serif typeface which have characteristic of friendly and kind.